Clarity Voice are suppliers and installers of phone systems and leased lines. Find out how we can help you with your business' phone line call charges.

Analogue Lines

Analogue Lines

Analogue lines are required for applications like Fax, PDQ, Alarm, and Broadband services. They can be rented from us at up to 30% off of BT's rate card.

ISDN2 (Digital Lines)

ISDN2 (Digital lines)

ISDN offers more features than Analogue for voice, you can have CLIP Caller Line Identity Presentation where you will see the name and number of the inbound caller, and you can also utilise Direct Dial numbers. ISDN2 is typically for a smaller company where you would rent multiple pairs of ISDN2, which would all work as a single solution on a Telephone system.

ISDN30 Connections


ISDN30 is for larger companies who want to be able to expand quickly and easily, ISDN30 connection would be delivered to your premises and you would rent anything from 8 Channels up to the maximum of 30 on a single ISDN30 Optical bearer. Multiple bearers could be installed if more than 30 concurrent calls are required.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

We sell more SIP trunks than ISDN. SIP trunks are a fraction of the Price of Fixed Phone lines and can offer the same CLIP, DDI features, but also enhanced features like Out of Area numbers.

Do I need all my lines?

Clarity Voice will offer a free consultation of your existing Lines estate, and advise you where lines can be deleted or rationalised, Saving you money which can be used to fund a new Phone system.

Can I keep my numbers when I move?

If you move within your existing Exchange you can retain your phone numbers with any lines, if you are moving out of area you can only keep your existing numbers with SIP trunks with an IP or Cloud based system with SIP trunks.


Why Clarity is the way forward?

SIP Trunks

Simple Billing

We will offer you a simple easy to read Bill of all your lines, calls and services from Clarity Voice.

Call Charges

We offer highly discounted Call charges, typically saving you anything from 25 to 80% on your existing billing.