Clarity Voice is able to offer a flexible range of viable and affordable finance options for all our solutions and services.

By opting to move your services over to Clarity Voice we will be able to save you Money against your existing costs, freeing up available Free spend to upgrade your equipment to our latest Unified Communications packages.

Leasing is tax efficient as you can offset 100% of your rentals every year against your companies Tax Bill, so typically when you look at a Lease rental figure, you should deduct 20% for a true Net figure.

This option of spreading your costs also allows you to spend your Cash reserves on other important areas of your business. We will be able to arrange the transfer of title of the equipment to you for a nominal fee at the end of the term.

In most cases we can save you enough money on all other areas of your Telephony spend to justify the cost of this new lease payment, meaning you get the Upgrade you want for little or no more than you currently pay.

If you would like to see if you could Qualify for a Free Upgrade contact us and start saving money NOW!!